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sat 3 March 2012 - 8pm  


Kelvingrove Art Gallery - Glasgow

for Victorians after Dark

The Victorian Era: the stately, serene, slow march of science, or a time of cons, charlatans and swindlers?
Allow Dr. William Bodie MD to guide you through the maze of radical discoveries, to separate the science from the scams, and to unveil live before you his latest breakthrough invention. Prepare, friends, to be amazed, astonished, astounded by the technological innovation of the future: electricity!
Can you believe that your body is simply an electrical machine? Can you believe that with electricity the dead may dance again? With live surgery, lightning-taming experiments, exotic exhibits from the torrid lands, Dr. Bodie will master the forces of nature live before your eyes, then, ultimately, the forces of life itself.




Photos by Neil Davidson