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Glasgow sound/art/performance collective

"Cue 85A Collective, a group from Glasgow who stage elaborate happenings which are part art installation and part theatrical event, with elements of music, film and puppetry thrown into the mix" The Scotsman

 New Showreel: 85A projects 2010-2014

All 20 of our shows documented in our Past Projects archive


Next show: 85A's Herbaceous Barbershop to travel to the amazing Fusion Festival (Berlin) in June 2015

"Residing in a 'sleazier, darker, grimier' part of town are 85A Collective presenting their visceral, pumping,
sensorial cinematic experience"
Dazed and Confused
"a reminder that Glasgow’s vibrant underground arts scene
is still alive and well."
Future News
"85A's very identity is an act of resistance
to the mundane"
Gareth K Vile